People have said some nice things about us.

Hal Newman

Chief Concert Host, Stanstead House Concerts Network (SHCN)

Director, Haskell Opera House

“Hal is a creative catalyst, natural change agent, and strategic thinker who can improve the performance of any team… His ability to connect with, listen to, and understand stakeholders with diverse and competing interests proved invaluable when identifying the root cause of the many and varied problems encountered. His keen understanding of the different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses that make a team successful led to the recommendation of many innovative and creative solutions.”

“Hal is a multi-faceted consultant with in-depth knowledge of many disciplines and a gift for identifying creative solutions. He has outstanding interpersonal and networking skills which he uses to achieve organizational goals. Hal is comfortable working in any environment, has a gift for learning about the people he meets, a wonderful sense of humor and a zest for life,which makes working with him a pleasure.”

“Hal is a people-person who is driven to finding solutions. He utilizes his extensive contacts within the industry to maximize collaborative possibilities, and his experience allows him to hone-in on the core issues at hand. And he is a nice guy to have on your team. Hal’s creative mind, flexible attitude, and ability to focus on the task at hand makes him invaluable as a coworker, a team leader and as a project manager.”

“Hal is a brilliant, engaging and optimistic thinker and organizer. I have had the opportunity to work with him on several occasions, all highly positive experiences. He is oriented on people and possibilities. He can range successfully from the global to the local, and from the strategic to the tactical. He brings with him an amazingly broad network of successful contacts he has cultivated over a lifetime of caring about and for people. Finally, he knows how to get things done and does so with his values intact.”

Jeri Epstein

Board of Trustees,  Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater

“Jeri is a witty, articulate, and creative individual with demonstrated leadership and team-building skills. Jeri enjoys the challenge of defining emerging markets and helping companies to position them effectively to reap the advantages of first-to-market, first proven. Jeri has worked with client teams to collaboratively design and implement successful strategies for partnership, direct sales. She has practical experience in the establishment of achievable revenue, benchmarks, maximizing productivity of individual team members, and the ability to interface with investors.”

Jeri is one of those rare individuals that has the right blend of experience, passion, and candor. These attributes, along with acumen in sales execution, serve Jeri’s clients well. I always enjoy working on engagements with Jeri because I know that we both share the same passion of doing what’s best for our clients.”

“Jeri and I have worked together for the past several months to strengthen the go-to-market strategy of a young Internet start-up. Her experience and insights have markedly improved the company’s position, while her mentorship and tact have helped the company’s executives rise to meet challenges that accompany growing a successful business. Her hard work and leadership has led to a rapid rise in sales opportunities, an improved and clarified value proposition for the company, a close alignment of product development to identified market needs and the maturation of internal business processes that have helped to make the whole corporate team more effective.”