At TEMS inc., we care a great deal about our clients – and their problems and challenges.

We think hard. We think creatively. We’ve never met a box that could hold us captive (except perhaps for a really well-crafted pizza and then only for a few moments).

We’re unafraid. We revel in-tight with tough obstacles. We enjoy rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands, arms, and elbows dirty.

We excel at creating meaningful networks of ideas, people and organizations. We believe in crafting viable strategies in a collaborative manner with our clients.

We take on projects when we are certain we can bring real value and a positive impact to the outcome.

We believe life is short and fragile and shouldn’t be wasted on churning out crap.

We work with clients ranging from tiny to enormous. We’re good if yours is the corner office – or if you work out of the cab of your tractor. We’ve got boots for mud – and a taste for dirt roads.

We dress up well for meetings in midtown. We’re likely to arrive bearing the gift of cappuccino – and maple syrup.

Drop us a line. We’ll talk.