The Stanstead House Concerts Network – SHCN

The hardest part of touring as in independent folk musician is finding the people in each community that are genuinely interested in connecting their friends with musicians who are working under the radar. Stanstead House Concerts has done the ground work of creating a network of people who want to support emerging artists. Their work allows us to get back to what we do best – creating and playing music.
So, back in late July through the start of August (2016) – I experienced my first-ever house concert tour. This was a huge deal for me because I have never been on a tour dedicated to promoting and performing my music (I’ve always backed other artists on tour), and I have never performed in a true listening room environment. This tour was a game-changer! The ultimate experience of the new “concert culture.” There is no going back! Hal Newman has created something truly remarkable and special. Stanstead House Concerts Network is leading the charge on a new and improved concert culture/concert experience. Being able to break bread and get to know your audience before the show is such a beautiful experience.
(STANSTEAD) À peine le pied sur le seuil de la porte qu’on se sent déjà en famille : un accueil convivial, des enfants qui s’amusent en courant après un chien, des hors-d’oeuvre pleins la table et un excellent groupe de musique en performance live dans le salon… Personne n’oserait penser que les invités en sont pratiquement tous à leur première rencontre. C’est pourtant le cas…

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We host micro-venue concerts here in Stanstead QC – the place where the borders of Vermont and Quebec come together for a hug and a kiss on both cheeks. We have recently expanded to include eight venues in Southern Quebec and several in the United States (reaching as far South as New Bern NC) .

We have a guaranteed minimum payment to artists. We are proud to be the very first AFM Local 1000 Fair Trade Music participating venue in all of Canada.

We run the project on a for-profit social entrepreneurial model. We are an incorporated company with its headquarters in Quebec. We have created an ecosystem to support/be supported by the concert network.

We have an educational outreach program – we offer schools without music programs the opportunity to host ‘our’ artists for an hour-long Songs/Q&A Session on the day of – or morning after a concert at one of our home venues.

We wanted to create a ‘safe’ zone for emerging voices where they could perform, reinvent their sound, reconnect with their musical roots – and their audience.  We believe in the proper care & feeding of musical artists. We’ll make you feel at home, recharge your passion, rekindle your connections to your audiences & reconnect with your musical roots.

We start each concert with a potluck vegetarian meal – and the food is always quite superb and features many locally-produced culinary treats.

We are partnered with –

  • Bès Musique – a Sherbrooke QC-based musical instrument store/guitar tech/sound & lighting rental/music school;
  • Multiple-award-winning NOMAD Live TV out of Montreal and are able to offer their video storytelling services to all of our performers;
  • Imagine 360 – a Montreal-based immersive visualization firm who give us the ability to integrate virtual reality and 360-degree videos to our #stansteadhouseconcert experience – and to our educational outreach programs;
  • Event-ure – an international event planning & logistics company;
  • The Tracking Room – the largest, most stunning & high-tech recording studio in Nashville TN.

You can read/listen to some of the recent press about our concerts:

A year-in-the-life in music:

  • August 8 – Durham County Poets (QC)
  • August 30 – Les Poules a Colin (QC)
  • October 4/5 – Oh Pep! (Melbourne VIC)
  • October 25 – Sweet Alibi (MB)
  • November 7/8 – Meaghan Blanchard (PEI)
  • November 28 – Sin & Swoon (QC)
  • December 6 – Great Lake Swimmers (ON)
  • January 30/31 – Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards (MA)
  • February 12 – Nick and the Babes (NC)
  • February 14 – 10 String Symphony (TN) & The Bombadils (QC)
  • March 11 – John Jacob Magistery (QC)
  • April 21/23/24 – Jordie Lane featuring Clare Reynolds (Melbourne VIC)
  • May 11 – The Slocan Ramblers (ON)
  • May 17 – Yann Falquet & Pascal Gemme (QC)
  • June 15 – Christina Martin featuring Dale Murray (NS)
  • June 25 – Oh Pep! (Melbourne VIC)
  • July 15 – Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards (MA)
  • July 29/30/31 – Amanda McCoy (TN) featuring Pandel Collaros (WV)
  • August 28 – The Mae Trio (Melbourne VIC)

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